Mayor's Message

The Temagami Area, which incorporates the Town of Temagami and Marten River, is surrounded by many lakes, including Lake Temagami. These lakes offer some of the finest fishing, boating, camping, canoeing and hiking areas in North America. 

Lake Temagami encompasses over 3000 miles of shoreline, spanning 25 miles from north to south and boasts over 1500 islands that offer many bays and inlets just waiting to discover and enjoy. The area is also home to one of the last old growth forests in Ontario.  

Whatever brings you to Temagami, I encourage you to visit our many and varied tourist attractions. These include the historic Temagami Fire Tower and our beautiful heritage Train Station, originally built in 1907, damaged by fire in 1976 and most recently renovated in 1996. 

Be certain to visit our local shops to experience the friendly hospitality of our small town and the amazing talents of our many local artists and artisans.   

I encourage you to visit often and to stay a while.  I am confident that once you do, the Temagami area will become one of your most enjoyed locations to visit, vacation and relax.  

Take some time to check out what our website has to offer!   

We have many unique things to do in Temagami, even more places to explore and a wide variety of accommodations, all guaranteed to suit your needs. 

In addition to being known internationally as a renowned tourism area, the Municipality of Temagami is also working to attract a variety of new business opportunities to our area.   

We are a small community, however our location has much to offer.   

We are committed to actively market opportunities and the attributes we have to offer, and are ensuring that we have the necessary foundations in place to afford people the essentials they need to relocate here, stay here, and become successful additions to our community.  

We encourage those interested in Temagami to come and talk with us so we might understand their needs and challenges to meet with their transition.   

I have to say that living in the Municipality of Temagami is great!   

A number of years ago, my personal Temagami experience began with renting a houseboat.  We kept coming back to Temagami regularly and ended up buying a cottage. Next, we purchased a new home on Lake Temagami.  I retired here, and now I am Mayor.  Don’t be afraid, it can happen to you, too!!!   

To our friends and neighbours on Bear Island, I wish to extend a spirit of cooperation and respect between our cultures and our governing bodies.  The time is upon us where we are starting to realize how much we can learn from each other and that we are each other’s most valuable asset.  We have a tremendous legacy together and will only move forward with open communication, trust and “having each other’s back.”   

We pride ourselves in having a fully staffed and dedicated Family Health Team, a local based Ambulance and Fire Service, a well stocked Library, an Arena/Community complex and a Housing complex.  

Perhaps most importantly, we have dedicated, great people throughout the numerous neighborhoods that make up our Municipal community.  We have a few issues that we need to work through, but we are firmly committed to addressing them all. 

To the residents of Temagami, I encourage you to get involved in your community.    

We are always looking for people to serve on committees and/or just to provide us with advice as to how you feel our community should move forward. We also welcome your comments as to what you feel we are excelling at.  

The municipality relies on and needs people to volunteer to help organize events, to help out with one of the clubs or organizations we house, (such as the Legion.)  

New people, with new ideas and enthusiasm, are vital to our growth and you are encouraged to get involved to keep things going and try new things.  We cannot rely on only a few individuals to carry the load, if we want to make improvements, move forward and bring new opportunities to our community. 

To the dedicated team on whom we depend to deliver services, we hope to provide you with direction and feedback, so that we may all enjoy the success of running an effective and efficient organization.  We thank you for all your contributions and we are proud of what you do and can offer.   

Our Council will be expected to follow appropriate policies and procedures as we interrelate with each other and our constituents, and I would expect the same from our constituents.  I call on everyone to treat our team members appropriately and respectfully.  If you have any concerns, please let our administration know.  We also invite feedback on our website so we can improve it as we move forward. 

In closing, Temagami is the place to be.  We love Temagami!

Mayor Dan O'Mara

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